The Voice of Hope


The Voice of Hope

 My heart hurts for the untold number of people needlessly suffering from the pain of the past.

 I know this method works and it is my desire to share it with others that they too may find relief.

 Many times I have pondered on the existence of pain in the world. Why was it even created?

 The world-famous leprosy surgeon, Dr. Paul Brand, spent most of his life caring for the forsaken lepers in India. His greatest discovery was learning that those with leprosy didn’t lose their extremities due to the flesh simply falling off. He discovered that what they lacked was the ability to feel physical sensations. Restricted blood flow to the extremities caused the nerve endings to die. They could no longer sense pain. As a result they lost fingers and toes to fire, sharp objects, and other daily accidents.

The greatest mystery of all was how the lepers could go to sleep and then wake up the next morning with missing fingers and toes that could never be found. These appendages had not fallen to the floor nor could they be found in the lepers bedding.

Dr. Brand was determined to solve the mystery. He stationed people to watch them as they slept and, to their surprise, they discovered that rats were coming in and nibbling off their fingers and toes. Feeling no pain, they never woke up to brush the rats away. For their well being the good doctor made it mandatory that they took cats with them wherever they slept.

 He also discovered they went blind simply because they could not feel the discomfort that caused most people to blink their eyes.

 The doctor observed foot injuries in which an ankle turned, tearing muscles and tendons, but the leper would simply adjust and walk with a crooked gait. There was no pain warning the individual to rest the ankle or to seek any sort of treatment for it.

 Well known athletes have permanently damaged their bodies by numbing their throbbing, debilitating injuries with painkillers and injections and then running out on the field while still injured.

Ironically we should be thankful for pain. In the long run it allows us to avoid further damage to ourselves.

However many ignore their hurt or desperately try to numb it.

Even as you read these words, countless numbers of peo-ple are trying to numb their despair with drugs and alcohol. Their families are suffering. Many are fleeing ghosts from the past and the hurt inside that prevents them from achieving the good things in life they could achieve. Millions are trying to escape the very hurt that is trying to alert them that something is wrong in their lives.

When you injure or burn yourself, pain is natural. When my wife Rebecca was a child she placed her hand on the side of a pot bellied stove. In shock she immediately withdrew her blistered hand. The pain served a purpose. The pain was a message. The message was, “You are touching something that is harming you. Remove your hand from it and do not touch it again in the future!” Without this message she would possibly have left her hand there until it was no longer usable.

Pain serves a purpose. Pain is a “message.” The message is saying, “Something is wrong. Do something about it.”

If you are experiencing pain, depression, or remorse, you can rest assure that the message it is sending you serves a purpose. It is telling you that something is wrong. It is telling you to do something about it before it is too late.

Continual pain is not natural.

Continual hurt and despair is the result of unsolved inner conflicts, fears, damaged emotions, or trauma from the past. It is present to alert you to the fact that the inner conflicts that you have never effectively addressed are still there inflicting their damage upon your life, ad-versely influencing major decisions and choices you make, and shaping the way you view and interact with the world around you. Do not ignore the message. Do not wait until the root of your hurt and dysfunction consumes your whole life and destroys those closest to you.

Find someone to confide in.

Make an appointment with your clergy or with a counselor or, even better, with both. Most importantly find a place of prayer and speak to the “Wonderful Counselor” (Isa.9:6). 

Whatever you do, you must NOT ignore pain. It is a message that something is wrong and it is there to remind you to do something about it.

Talk to your counselor, clergy, or physician about the fasting method. It may be the very lifeline you are seeking for. Many have discovered with great joy this precious technique that has stood the test of time and provided deliverance when all other methods have failed.

In the wise book wherein we discovered the fasting phenomenon — that ancient manuscript we call the Holy Bible — is another gem of wisdom inscribed by the Apostle Paul, who wrote, “This one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind.” (Phil 3:13).

The problem is that most people have not put their problems “behind” them. They carry them with them every day of their life. The undeleted DVD of the traumatic experience is preserved and protected within them. I implore you to dig that memory out, discharge and reprogram the space it once occupied and then forever PUT IT BEHIND YOU!

Don’t look back. Let it go. Live life to the fullest.

Science has long labored in search for an answer.

The answer has not been found in a test tube.

The answer has not been found in a research study.

The answer has not been found in trepanation, lobotomy, electric shock treatments, excessive medication, rapid eye movements, mesmerism, hypnotism, psychoanalysis, or a host of other therapeutic theories.

The answer is contained within the pages of that ancient manuscript written many, many years ago.

Times have changed.

Methods have changed.

Men have changed.

The manuscript and its message have never changed.

It is time we pause and listen to its ancient voice.


(Excert from “The Fasting Phenomenon” by Dr. Curtis D. Ward DD MHC.  Atria Book Publishing, October 2008)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       NOTICE:                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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Thank you for understanding.


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